Our Specialities

We have well equiped learning systems and class rooms to help the  child getting the best out of his/her ability to learn. We use mordern applications such us abbacus ,Montessori in our curriculum. A mixed version of applications enabling our students to get in competitions and to the bright future . An equal and balanced carriculam is managed for cultural, art and sports syllabus in each standards of classing. Teachers are attached to each students to find the abilities as well dis abilities if any. Weak students are been given special attention and care.

We have good trained experienced faculty to deal the campus who are internationally trained and experienced . Hand on expertise in Montessori systems , quick learning tools , phycoligical and clinical approches understanding the child and class makes facility very smart. Reviews and apprisal are our benchmarks.


We always look for a child friendly atmosphere , hygienically maintained and insist in health education. Each student should learn how to behave smartly in society . Moral Science is a specially added subject in our classing helping to learn how to behave and stay with the society. We look to develop smart and gentle citizens to society. Parent intractions , meetings and seminars are a regular code of conduct to enable development of campus .

We are keep in empowering our students and their families involving in various social activities . We are a socially responsible group understanding the surroundings . We had acted as a genuine participant of natural calamatis and other social calls .

An added feature for child to enhance his reading skills. We have in house library managed by teachers and children who rotates the good child friendly books .

We have a play area with garden were we develop the child in playing games , have group tasks , have captaincy tasks etc. Healthy child can grow smart. We teach them simple steps and excercise to keep them healthy.

Our campus have a IT enabled class room to help children smart learnings . We use visual technics to help child learn his lessons in a smarter way.